Fixed and Portable X-ray Inspection

Fixed and Portable X-ray Inspection

Checkpoint Detection
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Checkpoint Detection


 X-ray direction: top-down, left-right

No warm up time required
Screener Assist Systems
Automatic marking and detecting explosives, drug and explosive substances
Analyze target by 6 monochrome colors
9 Quadrant zoom
Automated measurement along Z axis
Luggage counting function
Continuous magnification up to 64x
High penetration function
Real-time analysis
Data of controller computer
Intel Core i5 3.1Ghz 6Mb Cache
Video Card 1GB Dual Digital Display (24” Screen Option)
Dual 19’’ LCD Monitor
Uninterruptible Power Supply – 20min backup
According to USFDA standards
Scattering concentration: lower than 0.1mR/h (US standard: 0.5mR/h)